MIDASpaces: 'Codes 2.0' 2014

 CODES 2.0. is a digital fusion of dance, music and light, this breath­taking show follows man's evolving relationship with technology – our addiction, dependence and struggle to adapt in an ever chaotic world.


CODES 2.0 premiered in July 2014 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong, PRC.



For Codes 2.0, MIDASpaces (Derek Cosgrave, Alan Jacob and Ian Finnerty) worked with choreographer Cindy Cummings, dancers Roisin Laffan and Lorcan O'Neill, animators Mark Mulligan and Mark Hearne, programmers Cárthach Ó Nuanáin and Dessie Keegan, and production manager Marcus Costello.

MIDASpaces is a collective striving to explore innovative technologies within the arts in the areas of Mapping, Interactive Design, Digital Performance and Augmented Spaces. MIDASpaces seek to explore and extend the range of possibilities for artistic performance, augmenting the experience for both performer and audience. By combining technology with choreography, MIDASpaces create a new vocabulary for performers through their interactions with live generated visuals that are based on their movements as sensed and tracked by computer hardware and software. In addition to working with dancers, MIDASpaces have adapted the technology for use in installations in public spaces, and worked with other artists such as aerialists and musicians. MIDASpaces' novel approach to using technology as a creative tool allows them to reimagine everyday, regular spaces into digital playgrounds.

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