Fumbally Court Studio


Fumbally Court Studio was an independent, artist led studio in Dublin Ireland. The co-directors - performing artists Cindy Cummings, Regan O'Brien, Deirdre Murphy and Rebecca Riley - shared a collectively based ethos:  Fumbally Court Studio was a practice space where each of us could develop our work individually and together, give each other support, develop critical dialogue and new ideas, host sharing of new and existing works (our own and other artists) and allow ourselves time to explore and refine our own artistry.

Fumbally Court Studio offered a wide range of classes and workshops including: Feldenkrais, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, Pilates, Acrobatic Yoga, Kwyer (guided ensemble vocal training and improvisation), and Contemporary Dance. Along with the weekly classes we hosted residencies, guest workshops and performances for local and international practitioners such as:

Cindy Cummings (Serious Play, IR)

Regan O'Brien (KWYER, IR)

Deirdre Murphy (Acrobatic Yoga, IR)

Becky Reilly (Pilates, IR)

Karen Nelson (Dance Improvisation, US)

Tom Pritchard (Contact Improvisation, AU)

Claire Maxwell (Alexander Technique, US) 


A unifying practice of the co-directors was singing pop songs (mostly from the 80's) in 4 part harmony which evolved into an acapella group called The Fumballinas. 

Fumbally Fundraiser June2013.jpg

The penultimate work of the Fumballinas was a site specific, en promenade work called:

The Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio For Maximum Sex Attraction 


The Fumballinas HLLESFMSA 12.jpeg

Photo by Karl Burke

'THLLESFMSA' - a satrical look at the health and wellness industry in the form of an hour long, participatative exercise class - 'THLLESFMSA' played at the Dublin Fringe Festival (2012) and the Five Lamps Festival (2013).