Entanglement Witness 


collaboration with composer and multi-media artist Todd Winkler


Entanglement Witness is a responsive environment that immerses the audience/participant in an evolving atmosphere of light and sound. It is a space of openness and ambiguity, a transitional space between the real world and the virtual world. As participants move through the environment, they actively engage with their own transformed image while interacting with an avatar that exists in a parallel world of light.


Quantum theory shows that certain objects can become linked by a mysterious process called entanglement. Particles that become entangled are deeply connected regardless of the distance between them. If they become separated by the width of the universe, the bond between them remains intact. These particles are so deeply linked that it’s as if they somehow share the same existence. Entanglement is a real phenomenon; Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance."


The installation asks questions about our relationship with technology.

How “entangled” are we with our electronic devices? How connected are we with people at a great distance, through email, sound and video? In the computer age, what does it mean to be “live?”


Research and development for Entanglement Witness was conducted through residencies at Brown University (US), which provided facilities and technical assistance with funding from The Arts Council of Ireland. It premiered at the Kilkenny Arts Festival in August 2008.