Neill O'Dwyer

Cora Mesophyll


Regan O'Brien; Photo by Karl Burke


What possibilities arise in the unfolding of drama when we elevate the computer system to the role of performer? Cora Mesophyll is an experimental physical theatre performance which attempts to unpack some new possibilities available by harvesting biometric data during dramatic performances. Néill O’Dwyer’s responsive visuals gravitate, bulge and distort in response to the actors’ presence. Aidan Boyle’s emergent sound track fluctuates between soft, expressive sounds and tense, abrasive noises. Not only is the environment given a crucial role in the emerging narrative but so too does it bring its own contingency to the stage. Set in a biofictional world of genetic manipulation and technological ubiquity the story involves an escapade between the otherworldly Cora (Regan O’Brien) and the firmly grounded Jo (Cindy Cummings). They must negotiate not only the subjective contours of their encounter but also those play parameters of the fluid environment they inhabit. The performance is being produced by Néill O’Dwyer as part of his practice based Phd research at Dept. of Drama, TCD.